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“4% of teenage girls were subjected to regular attacks by their partner.”
“16% had been hit at least once.”
“31% thought that it was ‘acceptable’ for a boy to act in an aggressive’ way if his girlfriend has cheated on him.”
“6% girls aged 13-19 (average age 15), had been forced to have sex with their boyfriend and 1 in 3 forgave him and stayed with him.”
(Source: Sugar magazine and NSPCC online survey 2005; Teen Abuse survey of Great Britain.)

Trapped: Make You Feel My LoveTRAPPED is a group schools programme developed by Sandwell Women’s Aid in partnership with the Home Office, Sandwell MBC and West Midlands Police.  It offers 6 detailed lesson plans covering a range of topics which contribute to the wider teenage relationship agenda:

  • Teenage Relationship Abuse
  • Sexual Bullying
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • Gang Culture
  • Risky Behaviour: Drugs and Alcohol

The lessons are designed to be active, fun, engaging and challenging, all linking to wider themes found to be effective in tackling abuse including:

  • challenging assumptions and attitudes about gender and power;
  • managing feelings and accepting responsibility for one’s own feelings and behaviour;
  • resolving conflict;
  • knowing the difference between abusive and non-abusive relationships;
  • the consistent message that abuse is not acceptable and is a crime;
  • highlighting the role of peers in providing support; and giving information about where to get help

Each lesson plan offers teacher a step by step guide to delivery including an introduction to provide context, clear learning outcomes, recommendations for school safeguarding procedures and contact details of support agencies.  TRAPPED has been designed to fit into the National Curriculum for PHSE and meets Key Stage 3 concepts of Personal Identities: Healthy relationships: Risk and Relationships. 

If you would like to find out more about TRAPPED or would like to order a resource pack to deliver the programme to young people you work with, please contact

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