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Birmingham Blitz Dames fundraising with an extreme obstacle course!

Birmingham Blitz Dames fundraising with an extreme obstacle course!

Skaters from a Birmingham Roller Derby team are set to raise money for Sandwell Women's Aid by getting muddy in a fun run with a difference later this month. 

The Suffering Race is an unusual cross between an obstacle race and a 10K fun run held at Rockingham Castle, Leicestershire on 29th June 2014.

Birmingham Blitz Dames is one of the UK’s original Roller Derby teams and being rolling for nearly 10 years.   Roller Derby is a fast, full-contact sport, with two teams of five skaters battling in an explosive Jam.  One skater in each team is the Jammer and has a star on her helmet.  She gets points for each member of the opposition that she passes.  The rest of their team are Blockers who help their Jammer by shoving the other team and clearing a path.  After an explosive two minutes, the line-up of skater’s changes and it all starts again! 

Kirsten Wilson, one of the Blitz Dames’ top players said: “Roller Derby is an adrenaline fuelled sport which is fast paced and exciting.  We know that our natural competitive streak and team skills will get us through the race.  We hope to raise lots of money for Sandwell Women’s Aid.

Please support the team by sponsoring them online at their Virgin Money Giving page

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